Regal Components introduces Precision Core Pins with Custom Sizes and Details

Molders with non-standard requirements can order custom precision core pins from Regal Components, a Florida company providing a wide range of mold and die components. Custom core pins are used in molding a variety of medical, electronics and consumer products that require extreme precision.

Core pins can be ground to a tolerance of ±0.000050 inches, with tips as small as 0.002 inches and lengths up to 14 inches. Custom details such as tapers, rings, vents, ribs and spirals can be shaped using wire EDM.  In addition to standard tool steel, core pins can be made of powdered steels, stainless steel and copper alloys including M-2, A-2, H-13, S-7, PMM-4, and PM 10V 420SS for greater control over thermal transfer, tensile strength, hardness and other physical properties. The molding surface can be polished, coated and/or plated.

Custom pins can be used in molding a wide variety of products such as needle sheaves, closures, nipples, pipettes, IV connectors, shavers, electronic components and writing instruments.

Regal’s custom core pins are priced according to material, size, complexity and quantity.