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Metric Nitrided Straight Ejector Pins (EME)

Metric Nitrided Straight Ejector Pins (EME)

EME Type Nitrided Metric

Material: H-13 Hotwork Die Steel (1.2344)

Core: Hardened through to 41-45 RC

Surface: Ion Nitrided to 65-74 RC

630, 800 and 1000mm lengths are available per quotation

PIN DIA. (D) g6 R
0 to 3 mm -.002 mm
-.008 mm
0.3 mm
3.5 to 6 mm -.002 mm
-.008 mm
0.3 mm
6.5 to 10 mm -.002 mm
-.008 mm
0.5 mm
11 to 18 mm -.006 mm
-.017 mm
0.8 mm
20 to 25 mm -.006 mm
-.017 mm
0.8 mm
+ 0.0 mm
- 0.2 mm
+ 0.00 mm
- 0.05 mm
+ 2.0 mm
- 0.0 mm


Part # Pin Diameter Length Head Diameter Head Thickness Inch Conversion Details
EME-2.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 2.5mm 2mm 160mm 4mm 2mm 0.0787"
EME-2.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 3mm 2.5mm 160mm 5mm 2mm 0.0984"
EME-3.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 3.5mm 3mm 160mm 6mm 3mm 0.1181"
EME-3.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 4mm 3.5mm 160mm 7mm 3mm 0.1378"
EME-4.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 4.5mm 4mm 160mm 8mm 3mm 0.1575"
EME-4.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 5mm 4.5mm 160mm 8mm 3mm 0.1772"
EME-5.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 5.5mm 5mm 160mm 10mm 3mm 0.1969"
EME-5.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 6mm 5.5mm 160mm 10mm 3mm 0.2165"
EME-6.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 6.5mm 6mm 160mm 12mm 5mm 0.2362"
EME-6.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 7mm 6.5mm 160mm 12mm 5mm 0.2559"
EME-7.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 8mm 7mm 160mm 12mm 5mm 0.2756"
EME-8.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 9mm 8mm 160mm 14mm 5mm 0.315"
EME-9.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 10mm 9mm 160mm 14mm 5mm 0.3543"
EME-10.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 11mm 10mm 160mm 16mm 5mm 0.3937"
EME-11.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 12mm 11mm 160mm 16mm 5mm 0.4331"
EME-12.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 12.5mm 12mm 160mm 20mm 7mm 0.4724"
EME-12.5 L-160mm Pin Dia. 14mm 12.5mm 160mm 20mm 7mm 0.4921"
EME-14.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 16mm 14mm 160mm 22mm 7mm 0.5512"
EME-16.0 L-160mm Pin Dia. 2mm 16mm 160mm 22mm 7mm 0.6299"
EME-2.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 2.5mm 2mm 250mm 4mm 2mm 0.0787"
EME-2.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 3mm 2.5mm 250mm 5mm 2mm 0.0984"
EME-3.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 3.5mm 3mm 250mm 6mm 3mm 0.1181"
EME-3.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 4mm 3.5mm 250mm 7mm 3mm 0.1378"
EME-4.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 4.5mm 4mm 250mm 8mm 3mm 0.1575"
EME-4.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 5mm 4.5mm 250mm 8mm 3mm 0.1772"
EME-5.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 5.5mm 5mm 250mm 10mm 3mm 0.1969"
EME-5.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 6mm 5.5mm 250mm 10mm 3mm 0.2165"
EME-6.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 6.5mm 6mm 250mm 12mm 5mm 0.2362"
EME-6.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 7mm 6.5mm 250mm 12mm 5mm 0.2559"
EME-7.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 8mm 7mm 250mm 12mm 5mm 0.2756"
EME-8.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 9mm 8mm 250mm 14mm 5mm 0.315"
EME-9.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 10mm 9mm 250mm 14mm 5mm 0.3543"
EME-10.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 11mm 10mm 250mm 16mm 5mm 0.3937"
EME-11.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 12mm 11mm 250mm 16mm 5mm 0.4331"
EME-12.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 12.5mm 12mm 250mm 20mm 7mm 0.4724"
EME-12.5 L-250mm Pin Dia. 14mm 12.5mm 250mm 20mm 7mm 0.4921"
EME-14.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 16mm 14mm 250mm 22mm 7mm 0.5512"
EME-16.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 18mm 16mm 250mm 22mm 7mm 0.6299"
EME-18.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 20mm 18mm 250mm 26mm 7mm 0.7087"
EME-20.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 25mm 20mm 250mm 26mm 8mm 0.7874"
EME-25.0 L-250mm Pin Dia. 2mm 25mm 250mm 32mm 10mm 0.9843"
EME-2.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 2.5mm 2mm 315mm 4mm 2mm 0.0787"
EME-2.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 3mm 2.5mm 315mm 5mm 2mm 0.0984"
EME-3.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 3.5mm 3mm 315mm 6mm 3mm 0.1181"
EME-3.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 4mm 3.5mm 315mm 7mm 3mm 0.1378"
EME-4.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 4.5mm 4mm 315mm 8mm 3mm 0.1575"
EME-4.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 5mm 4.5mm 315mm 8mm 3mm 0.1772"
EME-5.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 5.5mm 5mm 315mm 10mm 3mm 0.1969"
EME-5.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 6mm 5.5mm 315mm 10mm 3mm 0.2165"
EME-6.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 6.5mm 6mm 315mm 12mm 5mm 0.2362"
EME-6.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 7mm 6.5mm 315mm 12mm 5mm 0.2559"
EME-7.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 8mm 7mm 315mm 12mm 5mm 0.2756"
EME-8.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 9mm 8mm 315mm 14mm 5mm 0.315"
EME-9.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 10mm 9mm 315mm 14mm 5mm 0.3543"
EME-10.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 11mm 10mm 315mm 16mm 5mm 0.3937"
EME-11.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 12mm 11mm 315mm 16mm 5mm 0.4331"
EME-12.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 12.5mm 12mm 315mm 20mm 7mm 0.4724"
EME-12.5 L-315mm Pin Dia. 14mm 12.5mm 315mm 20mm 7mm 0.4921"
EME-14.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 16mm 14mm 315mm 22mm 7mm 0.5512"
EME-16.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 18mm 16mm 315mm 22mm 7mm 0.6299"
EME-18.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 20mm 18mm 315mm 26mm 7mm 0.7087"
EME-20.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 25mm 20mm 315mm 26mm 8mm 0.7874"
EME-25.0 L-315mm Pin Dia. 3mm 25mm 315mm 32mm 10mm 0.9843"
EME-3.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 3.5mm 3mm 400mm 6mm 3mm 0.1181"
EME-3.5 L-400mm Pin Dia. 4mm 3.5mm 400mm 7mm 3mm 0.1378"
EME-4.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 4.5mm 4mm 400mm 8mm 3mm 0.1575"
EME-4.5 L-400mm Pin Dia. 5mm 4.5mm 400mm 8mm 3mm 0.1772"
EME-5.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 5.5mm 5mm 400mm 10mm 3mm 0.1969"
EME-5.5 L-400mm Pin Dia. 6mm 5.5mm 400mm 10mm 3mm 0.2165"
EME-6.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 6.5mm 6mm 400mm 12mm 5mm 0.2362"
EME-6.5 L-400mm Pin Dia. 7mm 6.5mm 400mm 12mm 5mm 0.2559"
EME-7.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 8mm 7mm 400mm 12mm 5mm 0.2756"
EME-8.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 9mm 8mm 400mm 14mm 5mm 0.315"
EME-9.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 10mm 9mm 400mm 14mm 5mm 0.3543"
EME-10.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 11mm 10mm 400mm 16mm 5mm 0.3937"
EME-11.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 12mm 11mm 400mm 16mm 5mm 0.4331"
EME-12.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 12.5mm 12mm 400mm 20mm 7mm 0.4724"
EME-12.5 L-400mm Pin Dia. 14mm 12.5mm 400mm 20mm 7mm 0.4921"
EME-14.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 16mm 14mm 400mm 22mm 7mm 0.5512"
EME-16.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 18mm 16mm 400mm 22mm 7mm 0.6299"
EME-18.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 20mm 18mm 400mm 26mm 7mm 0.7087"
EME-20.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 25mm 20mm 400mm 26mm 8mm 0.7874"
EME-25.0 L-400mm Pin Dia. 3mm 25mm 400mm 32mm 10mm 0.9843"
EME-3.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 3.5mm 3mm 500mm 6mm 3mm 0.1181"
EME-3.5 L-500mm Pin Dia. 4mm 3.5mm 500mm 7mm 3mm 0.1378"
EME-4.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 4.5mm 4mm 500mm 8mm 3mm 0.1575"
EME-4.5 L-500mm Pin Dia. 5mm 4.5mm 500mm 8mm 3mm 0.1772"
EME-5.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 5.5mm 5mm 500mm 10mm 3mm 0.1969"
EME-5.5 L-500mm Pin Dia. 6mm 5.5mm 500mm 10mm 3mm 0.2165"
EME-6.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 6.5mm 6mm 500mm 12mm 5mm 0.2362"
EME-6.5 L-500mm Pin Dia. 7mm 6.5mm 500mm 12mm 5mm 0.2559"
EME-7.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 8mm 7mm 500mm 12mm 5mm 0.2756"
EME-8.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 9mm 8mm 500mm 14mm 5mm 0.315"
EME-9.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 10mm 9mm 500mm 14mm 5mm 0.3543"
EME-10.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 11mm 10mm 500mm 16mm 5mm 0.3937"
EME-11.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 12mm 11mm 500mm 16mm 5mm 0.4331"
EME-12.0 L-500mm Pin Dia. 12.5mm 12mm 500mm 20mm 7mm 0.4724"
EME-12.5 L-500mm Pin Dia. mm 12.5mm 500mm 20mm 7mm 0.4921"

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